“A word after a word after a word is power.”  – Margaret Atwood  / “Ein Wort nach einem Wort nach einem Wort ist Kraft.”  – Margaret Atwood

Description / Beschreibung

This storytelling workshop is for everyone. We’ll learn to tell short stories from our lives. We’ll also listen deeply to the stories told by the people around us. Stories can connect, inspire, challenge, and spark new ideas.

Dieser Workshop ist für alle. Wir werden lernen kurze Geschichten von unserem Leben zu erzählen. Dabei werden wir uns auch mit den Geschichten der anderen Teilnehmern bekannt machen. Geschichten können uns verbinden, inspirieren, anregen, und neue Ideen in uns erwecken.

During the workshop we are going to play with words, meet new cultures, share part of our stories, and most of all…have fun!

Während des Workshops werden wir mit Wörter spiegeln, neue Kulturen kennenlernen, und Teile unserer Geschichten miteinander teilen. Aber am allermeisten werden wir lachen und SPASS haben!

All languages, backgrounds, and interests are welcome. The only requirement is openness to others and their experiences. You don’t need to have any writing, storytelling, or other experience. We’ll celebrate each other’s languages and learn from each other.

Alle Sprachen, Kulturen, und Interessen sind herzlich willkommen. Die einzige Bedingung ist Offenheit für alle Teilnehmer und deren Erfahrungen. Du brauchst keine Erfahrung im Schreiben, Erzählen, oder andere Erfahrungen. Wir werden unsere vielen Sprachen zelebrieren und dabei voneinander lernen.

Dimitra Didangelou will fly from Greece and bring her experience in the expressive writing field. She will provide writing tools in order to help you with the storytelling.

Dimitra Didangelou kommt aus Griechenland und bringt ihrer Erfahrungen im Feld ‘Expressive Writing’. Sie hilft Euch  mit dem Werkzeug des Schreibens zu arbeiten um eure Geschichten zu erzählen.

Luisa Beck lives in Berlin and bring her experiences as a storyteller, writer, journalist, and teacher.

Luisa Beck lebt in Berlin und bringt ihre Erfahrungen als Storyteller, Journalistin, und Lehrerin.

The workshop will be held in a safe and non-judgmental environment, were you can feel comfortable and relaxed. There is no right or wrong answer.

Der Workshop wird in einem sicheren und wertfreien Umfeld stattfinden, indem du dich wohl und entspannt fühlen sollst. Es gibt hier keine richtigen oder falschen Antworten.

Free entrance, places are limited.

Freier Eintritt, Plätze sind begrenzt.


Who we are

DIMITRA DIDANGELOU is a psychologist, science journalist and author who aims to help people gain insight and enhance their creativity through expressive writing. Alongside founding and editing a web-magazine that explores psychology, she is the founder of “Expressing MySelf”, an Institute which offers workshops promoting creative living. Her training includes Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing (The Center for Journal Writing in Denver, CO, USA), an MSc in Psychology and the Mass Media, a BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Philosophical Counseling and Psychotherapy. Dimitra is a published novelist and her short stories have been distinguished in many writing contests. Learn more about Dimitra here. See Dimitra’s TED speech here.

Luisa Beck is a journalist, writer, audio storyteller, and teacher. She works at The Washington Post’s Berlin bureau, where she covers elections, migration, history, art and the environment. Before joining The Post, she made audio stories for National Public Radio and various podcasts. She has guest lectured and taught multimedia storytelling to students at the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford, California College of the Arts and the Berlin Journalism School.


When: Saturday 21rst April 2018, 10.30 – 13.30
Where: Viktoria Park, Kreuzberg

Contact Luisa: emmi.beck@gmail.com
Contact Dimitra: dimitra@expressingmyself.org

Registrations open until Thursday 19th of April 2018




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